Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring break (Blog 4)

Well, to start, spring break was far too short. It was also very very busy.

My friend Nikki just moved back from Pocatello after finding out she is pregnant. I spent some time with her over spring break discussing the plans for the baby, baby names, and a lot more. We went to her new house in Boise, and also got to spend time with some of her family. She stayed the night at my house a few times, but it was so different from the way that things used to be. We couldn't really go out and do anything, and she had morning sickness.......... a lot!

Another friend I hung out with a lot over spring break was Savanah. We spent a lot of time hanging out with her boyfriend and his friends, and I got to stay over at her house and eat her dad's cooking. Yummy! We also hung out with our friend Heather too. When I stayed the night at her house, there was a ghost haunting her room, and jigsaw was trying to get us on his tricycle! It was super scary.

The only other thing I really did over spring break was work. A LOT. I worked over 50 hours just during spring break. It was a pretty relaxed and uneventful break.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Adventures with Rosie (Blog #1)

Hello, my name is Tara, and I am an in home PCS caregiver. I have a client who is a young, severely autistic girl that I see five days a week. She is such an amazing young girl, and I truly love being her caregiver. Her favorite activity to do is play barbies. We play our own selves in the barbies games as characters, along with playing roles as barbies dolls, imaginary characters, and even animals. My client plays her own character, and I play everything else. This blog is about the very out of the ordinary barbie games we play, and the many adventures that my character, Rosie, goes on with all of the other characters in the games we play.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet Rosie

Rosie Hawkins:
Rosie is a normal human being from our world. She has a mother named Twinkle, who is a Winter Fairy. She has a brother named Billy, who is secretly "Superman", a sister named Blaster, and a younger, annoying two year old sister named Brittany. Rosie has a few powers, including transport, and telepathy.

Blaster (Ashley Turner):
Blaster has an awesome life. She has a great family, lots of friends, she has dated Justin Beiber, and get this: She has super powers. She is part wolf, vampire, witch, and superhero. Not to mention, she is a famous actress and singer as well. In the normal world, her name is Blaster, but at Hogwarts, her name is Ashley Turner. Blaster has an attitude, and doesn't like to be challenged at all. She gets along with most people just fine though.

Justin Bieber:
Justin Bieber is a young singing superstar. He is also Ashley Turners ex boyfriend. He has broken up with her sixteen times however. He is known as a player, yet Ashley can't help but to fall for him.

This is Billy. He is Rosie's sister. He is also secretly Superman. He is not the brightest guy. He gets picked on a lot by Blaster, his sister. Even though he is Superman, he has a lot of trouble with the ladies, and he isn't even strong enough to defeat many people.

This is Twinkle. She is Rosie's mother, and she is also a winter fairy. She loves Blaster a lot, and lets her get away with almost anything. She loves having three kids, and understands them all very well.

This is Brittany, she is Rosie's two year old sister. She is lonely, being the only little kid, and she tries really hard to do things with her older siblings, and do "big kid" things. It gets her into a lot of trouble.